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Re: [IP] novolog/not formulary

I have just gone through this with Care Choices (in Michigan). I had to 
explain that the reason we were switching was because it was suspected 
that my daughter was developing an allergy to Humalog. (pink spots at 
all her injections sites) In order for them to pay for the Novolog, 
they had to fill out a waiver form, which required input from the 
endocrinologist, and others as well....they took care of all that 
paperwork, but it took them 10 days to "fast track" it! Basically, I 
think that if your doctor will provide evidence that you NEED novolog 
instead of Humalog, there is probably a waiver system with your 
insurance company too. Good Luck!

mom to Patrick, 16, Sean 14, Catherine, 11, and Veronica, 7, dxd 3/11/02

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