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[IP] re: exercise regimens.............

i've found that exercise doesn't really change my insulin requirements (i.e. 
insulin/carb ratio), but it does accelerate the uptake of the medicine.  
therefore, if i'm low before a run or swim, i'll take a low bolus to account 
for how low i am along with my carb intake before exercise.  for example, if 
i wake up at 45 and eat a 60 carb breakfast (2 cups of cereal with 1 cup skim 
milk),  i'll bolus 4.0 units.  normally, my insulin/carb ratio is 1/15.  this 
usually works, but YMMV as does mine from day to day.  i can sometimes go low 
nonetheless but other times i come back fine.

good luck,

tom from nj
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