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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes

>>> I think IDDM and NIDDM are perfect. You either
take insulin or don't.

Actually, IDDM and NIDDM is not nearly description enough.  While all 
Type 1's are IDDM (or will be), not all IDDM are Type 1.  In fact, some 
Type 1 diabetics can ALSO become Type 2 diabetics...meaning that they 
have insulin resistance problems in addition to not producing any 
insulin to begin with.

IDDM and NIDDM are only indicators of treatment, not of the actual 
problem.  A Type 2 diabetic who takes insulin doesn't do so because 
their body killed off their beta cells.  

Type 2 diabetics have to live under far stricter diets unless they are 
insulin-dependant....and even then, it is trickier, because they can 
never know for certain how much insulin is needed as insulin resistance 
can fluctuate.

In the past, it was always viewed that Type 1 was "worse" than Type 
2...but I contend that it is just the opposite today.  It is far easier 
to live a "normal" life with Type 1 today given advances in 
understanding carb-counting, having insulin pumps, etc.  I am not 
constrained to any diet...I can eat what I want.  Not so for a great 
number of Type 2s.

Anyhow, I just don't see IDDM and NIDDM being very useful in describing 
what actual disease one has.

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