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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

Subject: Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

> Pizza is definitely high fat/greasy.

>Check different makers of pizza.
>There is/are chains or individual pizza places out there that are not 
>greasy as others.  (IMO, Donnatos chain seems less greasy.)
>The amount & type of cheese on top,  quality of meat used, type of oil 
>crust, refined white vs whole wheat, ingredient toppings & etc make 

This is true.  The pizza that I eat most often is actually relatively 
low on the fat content in comparison to some pizza places.  It is 
actually less fat content than most value meals I eat at BK, etc.  :-)

>Making pizza at home, you have more control of what is in it.  It is 
>not hard
>to do!  It is not something you eat every day, do you?   Linda K


Actually, no...not every day.  We have pizza every Monday night.  
(Little Caesar's has a special every Monday...1 large pepperoni pizza 
for $5.  :-)  Plus, I usually have it at work once during the week.  
The pizza at work is what I used to run my tests, since they have a 
very specific sized personal-pizza.  But, even when I've done my tests 
with the pizza from Little Caesar's, the results are the same.  (I just 
haven't used them to report findings here to eliminate the concern over 
variability of size of pizza slices, etc.)

Ryan (who loves pizza, despite the fact that he worked for 5 years at a 
Little Caesars during High school and college)
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