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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes

How is this a personal attack? I was simply stating that type 2's may have 
to take insulin as well.

You're proof. =)

Why should we segregate the pumpers list, it's the _pumping_ part that 
brings us together.


>This a personal attack, as I have read some of the same things by others
>over a long period of time, and have chosen to not respond.  I certainly
>take exception to the thread below.  Anytime we speak about someone
>elses disease, we tread on thin ice.  The test is: "Can we say you have
>walked in their shoes?"  I am Type 2 and I do not produce insulin
>anymore, plus I am highly resistant to the insulin I inject. I now take
>a total of 400 units of insulin a day.  I certainly would die if I
>didn't take insulin from going too high.  And I worry that some day my
>body will accept the insulin, and I will die from going too low.   I
>don't see the risk of dying from diabetes as any badge of honor.  Maybe
>there should be two different insulin-pumper groups so that we type 2's
>can be segregated from those who think that type 1 is the only "pure"
>form of diabetes.  This is just ridiculous, and I hope not many people
>feel that way.
> >>> email @ redacted 10:43:40 AM 3/20/03 >>>
>In the diabetes support group that I go to:
>10 people take insulin, 2 are type 1 diabetics. I am refering to
>insulin :-)
> >I know a T-2 who feels better when she takes her insulin. I said "Then
> >take shots?" No. She said again about taking her insulin. Again I
> >about shots. No. She was referring to her *insulin* pills. I had to
> >that she was not taking insulin. Even some DMers do not know. ;-)
> >a T-2 is not especially IDDM when using insulin as they are controlled
> >it, but if it is withheld they would not be dead in 3 days. Yes,
> >complications, better feeling, and lots of ETC., but it is not the
>same as
> >T-1. NO offense to those sensitive to the reference.
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