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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes

> DMer killed himself by injecting sugar solution with a syringe. I said to the
> charge nurse that it was shows like that which carried on DM myths. She said
> he could have killed himself - his BG could have gone to 2000. I said I knew
> of some who did (on this list)

Maybe he already had a very bad heart.
Could I add , "and did get med help to lower their Bgs as all were not
functioning well."
My first thought reading this was, "Aw, sounds like license to go eat a dozen
doughnuts at Krispie Kreame."  The fast high won't matter! (I don't have my car
 today and am hungry, KK donuts sounds better than veggies , TVP, meat & yogurt
fruit & cheeses.:)
I know, even with pump, my PP's would be high, I would be floating with water
too! Linda K
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