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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes

There was an excellant article regarding "types" in a recent Diabetic
Interview (Feb 2003) I couldn't find it on their web site . . . so I'll scan
the article at work this afternoon and send the article along to you all

Peg in

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> OK, I know we all run across people who do not understand diabetes etc etc
> and it can be rather frustrating, but, my question is......Who of you
> all(that are not docs or nurses) really know all the ins and outs of all
> diseases out there? I sure don't, and quite honestly I do not mind
> people on diabetes, and one of the first things I tell them is that ALL
> DIABETICS ARE DIFFERENT! So if I am doing something one way, it might work
> for me, but it might not work for all diabetics.
> *NOTE* I do not think anyone was attacking type 2's, type 1 is NOT the
> form of diabetes my any means, we are all different and the same all in
> one(hope that made sence). I have learned to get better crontol of my
> diabetes from both types, I see no difference in the HUMAN factor;)
> Tami in Tucson
> (not revealin her type :P guess hehehe)
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