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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes

OK, I know we all run across people who do not understand diabetes etc etc
and it can be rather frustrating, but, my question is......Who of you
all(that are not docs or nurses) really know all the ins and outs of all
diseases out there? I sure don't, and quite honestly I do not mind educating
people on diabetes, and one of the first things I tell them is that ALL
DIABETICS ARE DIFFERENT! So if I am doing something one way, it might work
for me, but it might not work for all diabetics.
*NOTE* I do not think anyone was attacking type 2's, type 1 is NOT the pure
form of diabetes my any means, we are all different and the same all in
one(hope that made sence). I have learned to get better crontol of my
diabetes from both types, I see no difference in the HUMAN factor;)
Tami in Tucson
(not revealin her type :P guess hehehe)
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