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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

I've been told that the delay is caused by high fat intake during a meal.

Pizza is definitely high fat/greasy. Has anyone seen this when eating 
breakfast with a large intake of bacon, i.i.e.. 7+ greasy strips? Or other 
greasy foods that are also higher in carbs, like Pizza is.


Well Ryan, I'm wondering if you could explain more clearly how you use to 
bolus for pizza,  and how you now do it.   And what your BGs were then and 
now. (Be as specific as possible--by extended I'm assuming you mean square 
>   However, despite your using the glucagon theory to base these changes, 
> you still must recognize that there is no evidence I've seen that would 
> show glucagon is released in response to eating ANY food, let alone 
> mozzarella cheese.  And from an evolutionary point of view, it seems to 
> make little sense to have evolved a system that releases a hormone that 
> increases liver glucose production at the time when you just have 
> eaten.   So just because you find a bolus method that works, doesn't 
> really support a role for glucagon at all.
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