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Re: [IP] discovery was silly feeling...

> You had to earn that, those grey hairs!
> If you are a type 2, as one once said, sputtering pancreas!
> I find the same thing happens.  Exercise does help.
> You just do what you have to do & hope it works!  (As you are:) Linda

i'm not a type 2, the endo was quite sure that i was just a slow-onset type
1.  she also said that a number of type 1's do have some minor insulin
production for a while - some longer than others, some none at all - but
that it eventually does stop completely.  the pump nurse, after hearing my
history, said that if they'd started me on insulin much earlier, i might
have retained more of my pancreatic activity, for at least a little longer.
hard to know.
in any case, it's test test test, and keep healthy. :)  it's been strange
though, with results mostly in the 4's and 5's lately.

liz - who now has to get cat into the carrier and to the vet for shots. :)
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