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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes (Was: Diabetic Magazines)

Why want another name? Isn't it just going to confuse people even more? 
Personally, after 14+ years of having to sit and explain my diabetes to 
people I really don't care. I think IDDM and NIDDM are perfect. You either 
take insulin or don't. Please don't take offense to this but are people 
really that lazy to say that they do or do not require insulin? IMNSHO I just 
care if medical personel know the difference between IDDM and NIDDM.  Which I 
know is not always the case <sigh>I could give two you know whats if the 
third person i walk past today know the difference. So I have to educate 
them. I am more then willing on giving them  correct information.
NIDDM (metabolic diabetes, Type 2 whatever u want to call it) is much more 
common nowdays. So can you blame the general public? Of those of you that 
were diagnosed later in life (basicly older then 10 i guess)  what did you 
know of diabetes? Generally speaking, probably not a whole lot of nothing if 
anything at all unless you were exposed to it through other people. 

Changing the name is not going to solve the problem. There are hundreds of 
thousands of doctors of the  old school of thought. I am trying real hard 
here to figure out WHO would benefit from a name change? Do you realize how 
long that would take? Chances  are it won't even take and you are going to 
have to explain even more. 

Honestly people, is this of that much concern? Look at what is going on in 
the world today. Especially today. Are you going to worry about how the 
general public describes the disease you have? Or how the media preceives it? 
 Sorry if I seem annoyed or what not, but I am watching bombs going off  in 
Kawait and watching a news reporter having to evacuate while on live tv while 
I am readings posts about name changes of diabetes, I am just don't see the  
significance right now.

I am probably going to get blasted for this post, which is fine. But please 
do not email me privately. 

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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