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[IP] One Small Victory

American Diabetes Association and City of Philadelphia Enter Into Settlement
Agreement to Improve Treatment of People with Diabetes in Police Custody




The lawsuit filed by the ADA was inspired by the case of Steven Rosen, a
small-business owner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose arrest led to
hospitalization after he was denied insulin while being detained. Rosen, a
pump user, was arrested in 1999 by local police for a liquor code violation
(the charges were eventually dropped). Rosen informed the officers about his
medical condition, but was ignored when he asked for assistance after
becoming hypoglycemic. After pleading, he was given something sweet to
drink. But, then he was denied insulin when he asked for some to refill his
pump. He was subsequently brought to the emergency room, where his blood
sugar level was measured at 446 mg/dl.
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