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Re: [IP] Types of Diabetes (Was: Diabetic Magazines)

> I feel the EXACT same way.  When telling people I have diabetes they all
> feel compelled to tell me how their grandmother has diabetes and they
> how strange it is that I am not trying to control it with diet and
> excersize.

Until these two messages appeared, I thought I was the only one that wanted
a different name.

And it isn't anything against the type 2's at all.  I know that some of them
use insulin, and because it is a problem making use of the insulin there are
many similarities, but somehow, people have this idea that diabetes is
diabetes, when there are many differences, both in treatment and research,

I had somebody really into alternative medicine telling me that some
diabetics have been cured following this diet.  I assured her it was likely
type 2 that she was talking about, and explained my beta cells in my
pancreas died years ago and are not going to come back to life again by
following some diet.

She assured me (this was by email) that new cells are created in your body
all the time, so this cure wasn't far fetched at all.  (They also claim to
heal incurable cancers.  No, I am not a convert.)

Months later, I went to one of the web sites she recommended.  Out of
curiosity, I followed the links on diabetes.  Sure enough, it was type 2
being talked about, only they didn't even seem to be professing a cure.
Just improvement in control.

Anyway, depending on who you talk to, you can get into some interesting
conversations that are caused by a misperception of what diabetes you have.
Very interesting.  Also frustrating and annoying.  I'd just rather rename
the diseases and avoid the confusion.

Then we can draw comparisons to the two different named diseases all we want
to, while the ignorant unafflicted masses are no longer confused as to what
we are talking about when we name our disease.  Because we are, in many ways
the same, even though we are different.

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