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[IP] re: recertified pumps & fedex delivery

      I have had 2 paradigms in 10 months, judging by the posts I am
apparently one of the few people who use paradigms who don't go through a pump
every 2 months......the latest pump (which i got after 9 months and one week
of using the 1st one.....back light went out on that one) is recertified &
looks and works great.
   In terms of fedex home delivery, it seems that the drivers must be under
incredible time restraints.  I live on the 3rd floor of an apt complex & when
fedex comes to my apt, if the package is larger than a letter they will not
bring it to my door, instead they just come with the door note & if i am home,
they then have to head back down to the truck to retreive my package......one
time i watched fedex go around the complex & basically all the guy did was
place notes on all the doors and then drop off all the packages at the complex
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