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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #149

email @ redacted writes:
>Thanks for passing along the info, Rodney!  It'll be interesting to see how 
>the Amigo stacks up to the pumps already on the market . . . 
>I also checked out the info on their infusion set, too.  Looks interesting -- 
>like a Quick-Set but claims to have some of the needed improvements (like 
>one-handed disconnect and a very low profile).  I was also interested that 
>they say it is compatible with existing insertion devices -- my daughter 
>really needs to use an insertion device and that's always an issue when 
>considering a new type of infusion set (still waiting for the EZserter to go 
>with the Animas EZset!).  I wonder if it will have a choice of cannula 
 Unfortunately he told me they were considering 8 and 10 mm but that was not
finalized. I wish I had been quick enough to put in a word for some thing
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