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[IP] 1800 rule and Kevin

email @ redacted writes:
>Since having problems with Kevin treating lows with the new pump...we are
>starting to second guess our ratios. But they just are not making sense if we
>follow the "rules!" For instance - we have noticed that Kevin drops 20-30
>points for each .2u of insulin. Which means, 1 unit would drop him 150 points.
>Well, according to the 1800 rule - with his TDD around 30-35 units/day...it
>should drop him 50-60! tha
>t is a big difference! This is getting confusing for
>me now!
>Mom to Kevin
  When I first went on the pump I was stressing to my endo one day about how
what I had figured out what worked for me did not fit "the rules". That is when
my endo made the comment I will never forget, he said 'those rules were created
by people
 who do not have diabetes'! Those rules are just a jumping off point for people
who have not yet done the testing to see what works for them individually. If
you have done your own careful testing you should trust what you have observed
and not try
 to conform to "a rule" some one put down some where. When I go to the CDE and
she starts flipping out because my correction factor is 65 when a table says it
should be 40 I smile and node but I know that 65 is what works for me and I'm
not about to
change it.
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