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[IP] diabetes name change

RE:  "This is one of the biggest reasons I think that Type I Diabetes 
needs to be
referred to as something  other than Diabetes.  Either that or refer to 
II  as something else.  It's the new kid on the block, so make it 
change.  =)"

And who, unless they are diabetic (or some endos and CDE's) can keep 
type I and type II straight anyway?  If they (whoever "they" are) could 
change the names from "juvenile versus adult onset" to "type I versus 
type II" then surely the names can be changed again.  The old names 
were inaccurate, but at least they gave you a clue as to which one they 
were talking about.  So come on folks, let's come up with some better 
names.   Offhand, my suggestion is to change the names to "autoimmune 
diabetes" versus "metabolic diabetes" (that's type I versus type II, 
respectively, for the newest folks on the list).   I'm trying to think 
of a better term for type II, but no other one-word terms leap to mind 
right away.  Again - the name changed once already, the medical 
establishment must have a mechanism (formal or informal) by which the 
name can change again......

- Maria Oyaski
mom to Sigrid, 17 mos, dx'd 11 mos - will be pumping next week (if 
Cozmo's are shipping by then!)
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