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[IP] Once again question

email @ redacted writes:
>I have noticed a similar problem myself.  On the third or fourth day of 
>using a site, I've noticed that my bg's don't seem to stay quite as level as 
>they do on the first or second days.  Although, usually, I have a tendency 
>to be low more often on the first day of a site change.  Anyone else have 
>that happen?  Anyone know *why* it happens?
>Usually when I find that bg's won't come down, the first thing I do is 
>change the site.
>Weird Jenn
 My endo said that any sight will deteriorate some what by the third day. He
commented that an astute bg tracker can detect the slight decrease in absorption
by a set seen by the third day. This is one of the reasons they suggest changing
sets by
three days.
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