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[IP] Re: 1800 rule and Kevin

     I'm not sure that those "rules" are supposed to apply to kids.  For each 
.1 unit of insulin Claire will drop 18 points, thus 1 unit drops her 180 (10 
mm0l).  Her TDD is around 22-25 units.  This rate of high bg correction was 
suggested by the nurse when she started pumping and turned out to be the 
perfect rate for her.  I think it is about half the amount needed by adults.  
Yet her insulin/carb ratio is the same as many adults, at 1:15.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> !" For instance - we have noticed that Kevin drops 20-30
> points for each .2u of insulin. Which means, 1 unit would drop him 150 
> points.
> Well, according to the 1800 rule - with his TDD around 30-35 units/day...it
> should drop him 50-60! that is a big difference! This is getting confusing 
> for
> me now!
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