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[IP] Fw: Nipro Amigo

Pumpers and Friends,
                           There ???? about the Amigo,  Well I called them
and ask if they would send info. after I saw note from.

> What have ya'll heard about the Nipro Amigo?  I really haven't heard much
of   anything about it.  I do know they're suppose to start shipping in June
> this year.

From: Kirk Ramey
To: Rodney F. Mead, Jr.
Subject: Nipro Amigo

Hi Lattany,

Thanks for asking about our Amigo Pump. We plan to start taking "pre orders"
on our website starting March 30th.

We will also have a sample request form on the website for our new infusion
sets which work with most pumps.


Around the middle of May we will participate in "feature chats" on insulin
pumpers to answer questions about our products.

If you have been following our website you know that our original release
date was to be in February. Extensive accelerated testing reveled one of the
electronic parts in our pump did not meet our quality standards and had a
predicted tendency to fail 28% of the time after four years. Our release
date was delayed in order to find a replacement component to solve the
problem and retest the pump.

Our standard is test results which verify 100% defect free pumps for at
least seven years for a user who has a daily combined basal/bolus delivery
of 150 units per day.

We want to make sure our product is fully tested, safe and defect free
before we release it to our customers.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.



Type One - 33 years

Kirk Ramey
Senior Vice President
Nipro Diabetes Systems
3150 N.W. 107 Ave. Miami FL 33172
Phone  305-599-7174  x249
Fax      305-599-8454

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