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Re: [IP] Paradigm E21 Alarm & Recertified Pump (Long)

I'm not afraid of reconditioned pumps.. heck I'm on my 8th now ;)  Every new
paradigm I've received has looked *brand new*.. no cosmetic flaws at all.
My only concern with these pumps, is that I've been through so many now it's
not funny.. I keep saying this is the last time, but if/when it happens
again, I will both demand a NEW replacement pump AND a backup pump or I WILL
look into another company.  Of course, I may look into another company
anyways next time I see my doc anyways, I am really getting fed up with
this.. it would almost be "ok" if it was once in a while.. but this has been
at least monthly.. 8 pumps in 8 months.. the longest any one has lasted was
8 weeks with the first one, all the way down to less than a week with #4 or
5.. I can't really remember now.

Not to mention that I almost thought I wasn't even going to get my new pump
this morning.. my "guaranteed 10:30am delivery" didn't show up until nearly
11, and I just *barely* heard the delivery guy quietly "knocking" on the
door (yes I have a working doorbell!) and I thought it was my son at first,
but I checked the door anyways.. and I let that poor fedex guy have a piece
of my mind since that seems to happen EVERY time I get an express delivery..
they don't ring the bell, they just knock softly, wait two seconds, and
leave me a notice.  I happen to have to go to the FedEx customer counter all
the time anyways for my business so it's no big deal to just go pick things
up, it's just annoying.. I mean, if I am home, I should be aware they tried
to deliver something!!!


> Anyhow, don't be afraid of a reconditioned pump.  There is no difference
> quality between it and a new one. Any difference is purely in your mind,
> not reflective of actuality.
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