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[IP] Pump supplies and eBay WHAT A DEAL!

I was in a quandary last month as it was time to order pump supplies and I've
been having some financial difficulties.  My insurance has a $1,000.00
deductible and YES my pump supplies fall under my deductible.  I have heard
other's on the list talk about getting supplies and stuff off eBay so I
thought I would check it out.  It just so happened there was someone who was
selling supplies who had upgraded from the Minimed 508 to the paradigm so I
bid on a box of infusion sets and won the auction.  The seller contacted me
and asked if I was interested in purchasing more.   All in all I got an entire
years supply of infusion sets (11 boxes), reservoirs and batteries for
$440.00.   He paid the shipping!  Even though I had to beg, borrow and steal
(not really, I didn't steal) the money to buy the supplies it was a deal I
couldn't pass up.  I still can't believe it.   Actually I can't believe that
eBay would allow the sale of pump supplies since they are by RX only except
that why would anyone purchase them unless they were a pumper.    Now I don't
have to worry about supplies for an entire year.  What a relief!  Tina
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