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[IP] old news

ryan wrote:
> I have been giving an additional square wave bolus of 3 units after 
> I eat pizza to counteract glucagon...but given this information.....I'd try 

> something.  By giving an extended bolus of the insulin for pizza instead 
> of my method of giving all of it immediately.....

I hate to tell you this, but I, and many others, have been doing this for 
YEARS with ben and jerrys, pizza and other high fat foods....You determine 
the amount of insulin you need for the calculated carbs, but spread them out 
over a period of 2-4 or more hours..  You are not using this insulin to cover 
glucagon - it is for hte carbohydrate that is SLOWLY entering your blood 
stream due to the high fat/protein content in the food you are eating.  By 
giving all the insulin at the top of such a meal, you are left with 
relatively little to zero insulin on board 2-4 hours later....so as those 
slowed down carbs hit your blood, your sugar rises, and you are forced to 
take a correction bolus....

> as expected, by maintaining a higher level of insulin in the bloodstream 
> over that extended bolus (3 hours for my test), the normal delayed rise 
> that I normally get did not occur.  So, I required 3 less units for the 
> exact pizza.So, this all seems to support the ideal that glucagon DOES 
> cause the delayed rise..

i don't agree that this supports your theory. the carbs did not change....the 
fat did not change, the amount of insulin required did not change, what 
changed was your more accurately spacing out of the required insulin 
resulting in a need for a correction bolus.  If you want to refer back 
through the archives, We have discussed the ben and jerry's effect for 
years....as I have written frequently, my solution has been to take a 1/3 to 
1/2 of the bolus necessary for the carbs, and then spreading the remaining 
1/2 to 2/3 of a bolus over time....I do not see how you can say this is 
related to glucagon at all!

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