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[IP] Re: Paradigm E21 Alarm & Recertified Pump

<A word about "reconditioned".  People are unnecessarily afraid of anything
reconditioned.  The fact is, reconditioned means it is as good as brand new,
with the exception that there could potentially be a minor cosmetic flaw.
But anything that is worn in any way has to be replaced, etc.>


 I asked the rep from MM if the reconditioned pump would look used and she told
me that it wouldn't because in addition to replacing the software, they put a
new casing on it. So apparently, there shouldn't be any cosmetic flaws either.

 Also, I received my loaner pump at 9:00 am this morning after contacting MM
last night at 7:00 pm. Ironically, this loaner pump looks better than my
original brand new pump, which had some minor cracks in the casing branching out
from the corners of the reservoir window from the day I got it. The cracks were
on the inside, so they didn't compromise the durability or watertightness of the
pump. Because they were pretty symmetrical on both corners, I wasn't sure if
that was normal or not. Now that I have a different pump to compare it to, I
know they didn't belong there. I thought about calling MM on a few occasions and
asking about it, but it's very difficult to explain what they look like, so I
figured it wouldn't do any good. Plus, I wasn't sure if another one would just
have the same thing or worse. It's like my original pump looked like a used one.

This loaner pump is in pristine condition - I think I'll keep it.

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