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Re: [IP] Paradigm E21 Alarm & Recertified Pump (Long)

> I was thinking about that today - that if the need ever arises would I be
>to turn in MY pump?? I'd go with the loaner till I get mine back - seems
>but I to have grown attached to it - as my trainer said it'll become your

A word about "reconditioned".  People are unnecessarily afraid of anything
reconditioned.  The fact is, reconditioned means it is as good as brand new,
with the exception that there could potentially be a minor cosmetic flaw.
But anything that is worn in any way has to be replaced, etc.  For example,
I bought a factory-reconditioned Dustbuster a few years ago at more than
half the retail price.  Haven't had any problems with it.  Same with some
car parts I've needed over the years.  (Interestingly it was the NEW parts
that eventually needed the replacing, NOT the reconditioned parts in those
cases. ;-)

I just got a replacement pump that was reconditioned.  In all honesty, I
can't tell any difference from the outside at all.  What IS different is the
software on it...but even if they updated my old pump and sent it back, it
would still have that software change.

If you want the pump to operate EXACTLY how it did before...well, then you
wouldn't need to have it replaced.

I was told over the phone that an E21 alarm should NEVER happen under normal
operating conditions, and it is Minimed's policy to replace any pump that
has an E21 alarm.

Anyhow, don't be afraid of a reconditioned pump.  There is no difference in
quality between it and a new one. Any difference is purely in your mind, and
not reflective of actuality.

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