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[IP] Re: Once again a question

Jon Wagner Said:

>Ok, I am finding this pump thing rather hit or miss.  Sometimes I stay
>very level, other times I go all over the chart.  I try to gauge my
>carb intake the same way all the time but like today, is day 3 of my
>site, I have 58.1 units of humolog left in my dtron plus and no matter
>what I do I am high.


I have noticed a similar problem myself.  On the third or fourth day of 
using a site, I've noticed that my bg's don't seem to stay quite as level as 
they do on the first or second days.  Although, usually, I have a tendency 
to be low more often on the first day of a site change.  Anyone else have 
that happen?  Anyone know *why* it happens?

Usually when I find that bg's won't come down, the first thing I do is 
change the site.

Weird Jenn
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