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Re: [IP] Glucagon findings and pizza

    It seems like that is the only thing that I have found that works for me
also except that I square wave for the carb count of the pizza over a longer
period of time (8 hours) and bolus normally for the rest of the meal.

Cody S. Alderson

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From: "Ryan Bruner" <email @ redacted>
>. . . I wanted to thank Wayne for the information he >provided regarding
glucagon in type 1 diabetics I >thought I'd try something.  By giving an
extended bolus >of the insulin for pizza instead of my method of giving all
>of it immediately, and then requiring an additional bolus >to counteract
the glucagon, I tried the other method of >giving half of the bolus as
extended,  eliminating the extra >3 units. . .
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