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[IP] Diabetes Care in Nursing Homes vs Assisted Living Centers

 Thank you Cynthia

for explaining the different nursing care provided in nursing homes vs
assisted living centers. 
It's clear to me now, why my 88 yr old mother receives different care for
her chronic illnesses
vs the care my 88 year old diabetic aunt receives in an assisted living
center.  I've been
frustrated and angry over the rigid "care" my aunt receives, especially
following last year's
Mothers' Day incidence that prompted me to call the office of the center
following an
incomprehensible long distance conversation with my aunt.  When I called
her apartment 20
minutes later, a nurse responded, saying that my aunt's bg's were in the
20's...appears my
aunt had taken her insulin but "forgot" to go to lunch.  Now, I know why
she recieved only
weekly visits by an Lpn (who was paid by my aunt) who filled her syringes
(each with the
same amount of insulin) and took a bg reading.  Aaaargh.  My aunt is now
blind, has had
a stroke and is permanently "retired" to the nursing home component of
this senior retirement
community.  Needless to say, her nursing care has greatly improved....

P.S.  I do not bake, but have always been lauded for my ability to
appreciate the goodies
baked by others.  Surely that qualifies me for living in the Old Folks
with Diabetes Home!  :)

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