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Re: [IP] anyone else go low when they're tired?

I only posted this as a what works for me not necessarily for anyone else as
everyone is very different.  It was only something that might help. Again

>>>> Second time the only thing they could find in the blood work was that
> my
> potassium was low and it was suggested that I take potassium pills (OTC).
> Since then I have been in some very stressful situations and find that I
> have a very hard time bringing my BG's back to normal.  So I will take about
> 2 or 3 days worth of potassium pills (not all at once but for 2 or 3 days),
> eat lots of banana's
> and spinach (stuff with potassium in them).  Then I seem to be fine until
> the next time.  >>>
> Was the suggestion to take the p'sium pills to do it sporadically? If you
> have low p'sium isn't it kinda like BP pills and you need them all the
> time - not just when your blood pressure is high? Or the DM pills are to be
> taken all the time, not just when BG is high?  My mom (funeral today) had
> low potassium and was instructed to take X pills a day. She felt all right
> after a time so stopped, but ended in the ER 2x years ago when they had to
> give her IV p'sium as well as add some to some orange juice to build her
> back up each time. She did not have DM. She learned she was to take them ALL
> the time.
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