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Re: [IP] anyone else go low when they're tired?

I am not sure but my dr when I asked him about this said that he checks my
potassium about every 6 months and usually it is very good. It just seems
that every once in a while it will go low. I then have a lot of lows when my
BG's should be either normal or high.  When the blood work was done in the
er the only thing that was the same was that my Potassium was low.  Since
the 2nd time in the er, when I have lots of unexplained lows I start with
the potassium and keep turning down my pump and have not been back.  For me
the potassium seems to help don't know about everyone else.

Dxd 1983 pumping 2 yrs.

> Okay, so from my understanding with high levels of insulin one needs
> potassium. At least i think its potassium...my brain is fried with finals
> right now...
> Adriana
> dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
>> I have found that when I am in high stress situations I will go low and have
>> a hard time keeping my sugars up.  I have ended up in the Er two times
>> because of this.  Each time the attending dr. did blood work. First time I
>> was starting with a cold and my Potassium was low.  Second time the only
>> thing they could find in the blood work was that my potassium was low and
>> it
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