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[IP] Re: Problems with Paradigm Infusion Set

<Has anyone ever had a problem with the Paradigm quick set cannula that sits
underneath the skin being bent? I've only had my pump for about a month and
often than not, the 6mm cannula that sits under the skin gets bent somehow
I insert it, making insulin absorption very limited making my blood sugar
rocket. I'm waiting to hear from Medtronic for tips or reasons why this may
happen, but I thought I'd ask other pumpers if they've ever come across this
problem. Thanks!>
I had this exact same problem when I first started pumping.  MM suggested I
use the Sils instead, but I didn't like them.  A couple of other users
suggested the following tips for using the 6mm cannula Quickset:
1. When you insert (using the Quickserter), make sure to push in really well
on the top of the inserter before removing it.
2. Before removing the introducer needle, push in really well on that too
and pull it straight out.  I usually push on this a few times.
I guess this somehow "sets" the cannula and makes it more secure.  Whatever
it is, I haven't had one single bent cannula since I started doing this and
it's been 5-6 months.  I also have better results when I use hip and thigh
sites rather than abdomen, but this tip has helped with those sites as well.
Does all this make sense?
dx'd 3/02, pumping clear Paradigm 8/02
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