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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #146

In a message dated 3/18/03 9:19:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> From: Kim Tribe <email @ redacted>
>  Subject: [IP] Problems with Paradigm infusion set
>   Has anyone ever had a problem with the Paradigm quick set cannula that 
>  underneath the skin being bent? I've only had my pump for about a month 
> more
>  often than not, the 6mm cannula that sits under the skin gets bent somehow 
> when
>  I insert it, making insulin absorption very limited making my blood sugar 
> sky
>  rocket. I'm waiting to hear from Medtronic for tips or reasons why this may
>  happen, but I thought I'd ask other pumpers if they've ever come across 
>  problem. Thanks!

Hey Kim,
I'm a new pumper and have had that problem too.
I thinks the problem is w/thequick serter- you have to press both buttons 
simultaneously, which is hard. I can always tell it's bent though by the pain 
it gives me. You also have to be careful to pull the blue casing and needle 
out straight. If the pain is bad I'll switch sets.
I wonder if putting wd-40 on the quick serta springs helps. Does any one else 
have suggestions on how to make sure the cannula doesn't get bent?
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