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Re: [IP] Paradigm E21 Alarm & Recertified Pump (Long)

I would suggest that you get a reconditioned pump.  It
will have any software upgrades in it for you.  Yes, I
know how you feel about getting a different pump.  We
do get attached to ours.  I went through almost
exactly the same thing.  If anyone out there has been
able to get a new pump as a replacement instead of a
reconditioned one within the last 4 months or so I
would sure like to know how you did it.  I tried my
darndest, and no one would budge.  I even took it up
with my insurance company since I figured that they
had paid 80% of the cost.  Heck, even they were
"snippy" with me.  So, it seemed like a roadblock to
me.  My "new" pump has worked just great and I did get
over the fact that it wasn't my original one.  Good
luck  Cynthia

--- Shawna <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> Okay, after 7 months of pumping, I just got my 3rd
> error alarm.  

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