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Re: [IP] Shaving For Diabetes

>  Hi Guys, I heard the weirdest thing todayat the doctor.... This is with
my GP
> you know the normal check up blah blah. He was checking my legs and
> where I had NICKED my self shaving my legs,and started giving me this BIG
> on "How Diabetics SHOULDN"T SHAVE ANY PART of there body" Because of the
> and the chance of cutting your self. Has any one else heard this??? I know
I can
> use NEER but there are some parts of my body that can go....... Love to
> your comments.

that gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning. :)   can you just
imagine if no diabetics could shave - probably including type 2's, since
they're also prone to infections.  i mean, gillette would go under in a


i mean, i may not shave my legs as much in the winter because it's so dry
that i end up irritating my skin (same with the nair products), but once the
humidity comes back into the air, that hair comes off! <g>

i'm gonna have to pass your doc's comment on to the nurses at work today.
they'll laugh.
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