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Re: [IP] where do you wear your medic alert bracelet?

>  My original post about the advantage of wearing the medic alert on 
> the left
> wrist was based on an EMT telling my mother that the left wrist is 
> preferred
> because they check the pulse there and would notice a medic alert in 

I've worn mine on my left wrist with my watch for several years now.
Last year I cut my head at work ( 5 stitches) and when the EMT's walked
one said "your Diabetic" and I said yes how did you know? And she pointed

at my left wrist resting on the bench next to me. When asked about it
I pointed to my pump on my belt. I then asked about what they check, and 
was told they check both wrists and around the neck only. I hope this

John LaMaide
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