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[IP] I am about to give up...


that sucks....I would have thought after #3 you would have given up on the 
paradigm...i would have.  tell Minimed you have had enough of this and to put 
a 508 into FED EX tonight for you and be done with it.. you should not have 
to have this crap to worry about!!!!!!  and if they won't, call your 
insurnace company and tell them about the defective product they had to pay 
for and how your service has been nothing but garbage and your LIFE DEPENDS 
on this thing and How do they suggest you proceed.....tell them there ARE 
other pump companies...

SSP AZ (who has never had a unresolved problem with any of her MNMD pumps in 
10 years of pumping, but would rather switch to SHOTS than use the 
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