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Re: [IP] who's got the grossest.....

I've had it happen twice.  The first time happened within my first few
months of pumping and luckily I had already heard stories on this list or I
probably would have freaked out.

Actually the experience was quite hilarious.  I always try to change my
sites right before taking a shower, so I literally remove my site in the
bathroom before jumping in the shower.  Lucky for me that meant a tile floor
and no clothing.  :-)  I had pulled the set out and it didn't stream out,
instead it kind of "bubbled" out.  It would come to the surface and pump out
some blood and then go below and then repeat.  It was as if it was pumping
out with my heart beat.  I started laughing, because my impression from
reading "gusher" had always been more like a volcano errupting or a geiser
(LOL).  Anyways, I stood there in the bathroom trying to stop it but also
facinated by what was happinging.  I started laughing and called my husband
in to see.  He looked like he was going to pass out when he saw it but then
also kind of got facinated with how it was "pumping" out.  I got it to clot
in about 10 minutes and a couple of paper towels.

So it was messy, but not nearly as gross as Sara's experience.  (LOL).

-- Sherry
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