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[IP] One of those nights

FYI for paradigm pump users.  Last evening I changed my site and 
coincidentially it was a brand new site.  I did this at about 7:30 last 
evening left my old cannula in and about 10:30 tested and went to sleep. I 
was 94.  Had a restless nite and got up about 2:18 only to test and be 308.  
I bolused and got a NO DELIVERY, I rebolused and got another NO DELIVERY and 
than about 5 seconds later a MOTOR ERROR message.  My fiancee got Minimed on 
phone in about 20 seconds as I changed my site.  She was professional and 
friendly and walked me thru some testing steps and also waited while I 
bolused again to make sure the pump was working.  I got up this morning to 71 
but took my insulin and syringes with just in case because I was going to be 
at a conference all day and fortunately no problems.  Dont know what the 
problem was so far so good.  This is my 3rd paradigm since Apr but still love 
pumping and all of the benefits!!!!  Jan
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