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[IP] Paradigm E21 Alarm & Recertified Pump (Long)

Okay, after 7 months of pumping, I just got my 3rd error alarm.  The first
one was an E17 alarm on 10/28/02, then an E21 on 12/19/02 and today another
E21.  All occurred after changing the battery.  I called MM after the 1st
alarm because I didn't know how to get my pump working again, but I figured
it out while I was waiting for someone to call me back.  The 2nd time I
didn't report anything because I knew what to do and didn't think it was
that big of a deal.  I've sense read on the list about others having their
pumps replaced because of these alarms though, so tonight I figured I'd
better report it.
I spoke to someone right away and they offered me a recertified pump.  I
asked about getting a new one and was told they didn't have the authority to
make that decision, that it wasn't the policy.  I've read how some of you
have had this same problem being offered a recertified pump.  So I spoke to
a supervisor who said she would have to take it to upper management for
approval which would take a few days and there was no guarantee.  The other
option I was given was that they upgrade the software and recertify mine and
send it back to me in 10-12 weeks, using a loaner in the meantime.
I guess I'm wondering how many of you were immediately given brand new
pumps, while others were offered recertified pumps and had to fight for new
ones.  Has anyone taken a recertified pump?  Or has everyone who pushed for
a new one, gotten one?  I tried to press for a new pump but didn't push it
too hard because I've also read how some of you have insisted on a new one,
only to have it fail and need replacing again.
At this point I opted for the recertification of my current pump, since I'm
sort of "attached" to it (lol), figuring if there are any more problems down
the road, I have more ammunition for getting a new one.  Part of me didn't
even want to report the alarm since I'm reluctant about any type of
replacement after reading about some of the issues mentioned on the list.
The error alarms are the only problem I've ever had and I don't really
consider them to be that much of a problem.  I know they shouldn't be
occurring though, and wonder if something more significant may eventual
happen (like no power at all).
dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02 clear Paradigm
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