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Re: [IP] anyone else go low when they're tired?

> >> Second time the only thing they could find in the blood work was that
potassium was low and it was suggested that I take potassium pills (OTC).
Since then I have been in some very stressful situations and find that I
have a very hard time bringing my BG's back to normal.  So I will take about
2 or 3 days worth of potassium pills (not all at once but for 2 or 3 days),
eat lots of banana's
and spinach (stuff with potassium in them).  Then I seem to be fine until
the next time.  >>>

Was the suggestion to take the p'sium pills to do it sporadically? If you
have low p'sium isn't it kinda like BP pills and you need them all the
time - not just when your blood pressure is high? Or the DM pills are to be
taken all the time, not just when BG is high?  My mom (funeral today) had
low potassium and was instructed to take X pills a day. She felt all right
after a time so stopped, but ended in the ER 2x years ago when they had to
give her IV p'sium as well as add some to some orange juice to build her
back up each time. She did not have DM. She learned she was to take them ALL
the time.

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