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Re: [IP] Exercise

OK, I am not a expert here, but this is things I would do, and have done for
exercising with the pump. I too gave up on exercise because I would always
be going low then rebounding high and just getting frustrated and NEVER
losing weight, or seeing my body look better in a mirror. Now that I am
pumping, I am actually loving going to the gym, I have(for the most part)
figured out how my body works and what I do/donot need with certain types of
If I am going on the treadmill/bike(cardio)........I usually go for 40 min
now at a 13 min mile (I think)pace. I check my sugar before, if it is above
100 and below 150 I cut my basil rate by 20% for 2 hours.........if it is
below 100 I eat a granola bar and cut basil 20% for 2 hours.......if it is
over 150, I do the same but I also will take my sugar half way between
exercising, sometimes I have seen my sugar go up.......If my sugar was over
200......I do not exercise till I bring it down to at least 160.
Now for weight lifting..........if my sugar is 100-150 pre weights, I do
nothin to change my basil, but I do check my sugar before and after, then 1
to 2 hours after exercise too. If my sigar is below 100, I eat a granola bar
and dont change basils.........if my sugar is  over 150.....I might not do
weights, doing weights can raise my sugar, especially if it is a little high
This is what I have learned so far about how my body reacts to exercising,
my recomendations are to test test test your blood sugars and document it
all........blood sugar, type of exercise, duration of exercise and amount of
energy put out with the exercise.
I wish you luck and hope you have fun with it, I know I sure am having fun,
I am finding my motivation is to exercise and see good blood sugars, plus I
am seeing a few diferences in my body now, that is VERY exciting, nothing
major mind you, but enough for me to notice and to make me feel more
confident in myself.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I only have 1 1/2
months expereince with the exercise thingy, but I am willing to help if
Tami in Tucson
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