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Re: [IP] Exercise

> > 1. How do I start an exercise regiment without
> having to be 
> > downing juice 
> > (calories) ?
........You probably should back off on your basals at
some time of the day, for me it is the nighttime, lows
from exercise usually hit me at night.
You will probably find that at first you'll be going
low a lot but then as your body adjusts the exercise
won't change things as much.
> > 2. How do I loose weight with the pump?  I don't
> have too much of 
> > a problem 
> > with dieting... its mostly exercise and then
> dealing with lows
...........Try  not to have lows, you can't be fixing
lows with eating or you defeat your purpose.  
> > 3. How do I motivate myself to keep this up?
...........Oh yes, find something you really enjoy
doing. I like running but know it's not for everyone.
I stay motivated by entering races. That way I have to
run or I won't be able to race. If you like
competition find something to compete in. If not, a
class or another person can keep you motivated. Keep a
log and see how you progress. Be positive, if you skip
one day, brush it off, don't beat your self up, and
start again. I can't tell you how many times I've
started running over my lifetime. If you have a bad
week so what, start again. Don't like what you are
doing, try something else. I know you can do it. Make
it a way of life. Put exercise on your to do list. And
do it.
Happy exercising! meg

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