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[IP] cozmo question

I have noticed another possible glitch that I'm not sure Deltec is aware of.
If Kevin is low, and takes something to correct the low, but it is an
overcorrection on his part (say 30 carbs) you can put your low bg in the
correction part of the meal bolus, but it does not recommend a LESSER bolus at
this time.

i.e.: Kevin has a bg of 55, drinks a 41 carb soda, he wants to bolus for part
of the soda...but still have enough so that his bg will rise to 100 (what we
currently have the bg set to for corrections) it will still recommend a 2.5
bolus (based on his 16:1 ratio) instead of say a 1.3u bolus based on his low
bg.  Perhaps we are not supposed to use the pump for this...

This is not a big deal, and for all the cool features this pump DOES have, we
can work around this one! Just wondering if it should be doing it correctly
and ours isn't?

Have any other cozmo users noticed the same thing?

Mom to Kevin
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