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re:[IP] My Reasons (& Nursing Homes)

 Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:20:18 -0800
It's been my experience thru work and watching what goes on where my mom
is in a nursing home that diabetes doesn't get great care.
Now it's different if they're in a medicare bed and not just a regular
bed.  When my fil was in after his stroke (he is better now and home)he
had a feeding tube in his stomach for a time and had to take diabetes
pills to keep his blood sugar regulated (we were told this often happens
when they have a feeding tube).  After the feeding tube was gone he
never had a problem and didn't need the pills anymore.  While he was
taking the pills his blood sugars were taken 4x a day.  I know that
there is a lady in a regular bed that I know that is on insulin and
doesn't have hers checked that often.
I did go to a diabetes fair a year ago and asked the nursing home people
there (a different place than my mom's) and asked them about pump
therapy at their place.  They told me no one had ever come there with a
pump but if a person was ever there with a pump they would continue the
therapy they were already on.

I wish everyone got the best of care for their diabetes.

Faith and SweetiePie, my mighty blue d-tron
diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-00

>>>>>>>>>From: "Sylvia Staten" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] My Reasons  (& Nursing Homes) -Cozmo? 

I have worked many years in various nursing homes...and I mean nursing
home. And let me tell you, they barely even treat diabetes in most of
them.  A diabetic senior in a home is lucky to get their BGs checked
once a day and one shot a day.  They are still in the 'dark ages' in
most homes when it comes to diabetes and the care.  It is so sad to see.
Unfortunately I was not in a position to say or do anything, or to
expect anyone to even listen to me...I was working as an nursing
assistant.  After I complete my Masters and hopefully get my CDE then  I
plan on contracting with the MANY nursing homes in this area to ensure
proper treatment of their diabetic patients. And forget ever seeing a
nursing home resident on a pump.  I can tell you that most RNs who work
in a home will not want to be 'bothered' learning about a pump or the
doing the maintenance that is required.  Just my opinion but I know what
I'm talking about...First Hand!!!

mom to Joshua>>>>>>>>>>>>
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