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[IP] Exercise

I need all your help and advice! I am going to start exercising. It has been 
a long time (longer then i would like to admit) since I was on a regular 
exercise schedule. I have my basals fairly well figured out without 
exercising. I don't really remember how my body reacts to exercise nor how to 
go about doing it. Last year when I started out a new program it didnt last 
long because I hurt my back (idiot trainer)  and was dx with R.A.  I have a 
lot of weight to loose (20+ pounds) and I know that it will help reduce my 
insulin needs and make the R.A. and all my pain better. I also know that my 
thyroid being so out of wack...still working on that as I have for the past 
14 years...isnt helping all that much. I am a mess! A1C has finally come down 
after years of it being so elevated and knock on wood don't have 
complications (I see the retina specialist on monday so we'll see what he 
says). I don't have a CDE to call up. I finally found a great PCP who deals 
with pumps (see previous post about my MD woes). I have gotten my A1C down 
all on my own with no medical help. I figure out everything. I just don't 
know what to do about exercising.

1. How do I start an exercise regiment without having to be downing juice 
(calories) ?
2. How do I loose weight with the pump?  I don't have too much of a problem 
with dieting... its mostly exercise and then dealing with lows
3. How do I motivate myself to keep this up?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

dxd age 7  1988 pumping 1992
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