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Re: [IP] gushers

 I have had 1 gusher in two years of pumping,(to the
degree described in other accounts)Which I consider
ok,since I'm not much of a bleeder.My site had died a
good 4 hrs before,and since I was at work + didn't
have time to change I'd just taken a shot of
regular.Blood was backed halfway up the cannula,it had
gotten bumped.Anyhow,as I pulled the set from my leg
blood shot out,+ was halfway down my leg  in the
second it took to react with a paper towel,which
quickly soaked through,I just kept adding layers till
it clotted,about 15 minutes later.I did think I was
going to bleed to death,it is always scary the first
time.I couldn't even alert help,(given that I'd gone
off to a remote section of the building to change my
set) which made me twice as panicky.

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