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Re: [IP] Keeping track of blood sugars and bolus amounts

> I have just purchased the new One Touch Super Ultra and it is wonderful.
> I can put in all necessary information and recall it any time I want and
> I expect the new computer software to be out soon. This machine is great
> for what you are looking for. It is an all-in-one-machine with now
> extras needed. 
> Donny
I have the Ultrasmart and I happen to love it too.  But I did call and
suggest that they needed to add a feature that will allow you to input your
basal rates so that if you have to temp. set your rates high or low that you
can record that in the machine for better tracking of how much insulin you
use. (The guy I complained to did not know what a basal rate was.)  Other
than that I do like all the features on the machine.
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