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Re: [IP] anyone else go low when they're tired?

> i've been noticing in the past few weeks, a period where i've been getting
> very very little sleep and been quite busy with school, that my sugars have
> been going very low a lot.  i know full well it's a ymmv thing, but i'm
> curious if it happens to anyone else.
> liz - ottawa, first final in 2 weeks.
I have found that when I am in high stress situations I will go low and have
a hard time keeping my sugars up.  I have ended up in the Er two times
because of this.  Each time the attending dr. did blood work. First time I
was starting with a cold and my Potassium was low.  Second time the only
thing they could find in the blood work was that my potassium was low and it
was suggested that I take potassium pills (OTC).  Since then I have been in
some very stressful situations and find that I have a very hard time
bringing my BG's back to normal.  So I will take about 2 or 3 days worth of
potassium pills (not all at once but for 2 or 3 days), eat lots of banana's
and spinach (stuff with potassium in them).  Then I seem to be fine until
the next time.  Luckily for me it does not happen very often. Of course this
is what helps me. YMMGV (Your Mileage May Greatly Vary)
Dx'd 1983 pumping 2 yrs
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