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Re: [IP] anyone else go low when they're tired?

I've not noticed that being tired causes a low, but I do know that for me
if I suddenly get tired, it's because my blood sugar is low.  There seem
to be all sorts of different signals that blood sugars are low.  For people
like me who are relatively hypo unaware, any signal I notice is useful.  I've
got a whole list of them now.  =)


--- Jessica Elena Marder <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > i've been noticing in the past few weeks, a period where i've been getting
> > very very little sleep and been quite busy with school, that my sugars have
> > been going very low a lot.  i know full well it's a ymmv thing, but i'm
> > curious if it happens to anyone else.
> not necessarily when i'm tired, but i have always found that contrary to
> popular advice i go LOW when stressed not high....  as you notice...  ymmv
> -jess
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