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RE: [IP] who's got the grossest.....

Since3 I have done fewer than 10 site changes so far I have no gusher story
to tell along those lines.  However, I DO have a similar story that happened
in my first year of being diagnosed.  Here goes:

I was diagnosed in december of my sophomore year of college.  That spring I
was still trying to wrestle with school, sports, extra cirr.'s, and
diabetes.  Iwas on MDI's and checking my BS usually only before injections
(at the minimum if I was lucky).  Anyway, one evening I was sitting down to
dinner at the cafeteria with my good friends.  I  pricked my finger and
nothing came out when I squezed gently.  I didn't want to prick again so I
held my finger closer to my face and squezed harder.....and harader....and
harder.....all of a sudden a thin stream of blood shot out of the side of my
finger right on to the forehead of one of my best friends sitting next to
me.  Thank god he was a friend....I was embarrased enough as it was....and
he just kinda sat there...not really knowing what to do or how to react.

That was an isolated incident...it hasn't happened since.....but I still
think about it every time I have trouble getting blood and am around lots of

thought I would share...

(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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...gusher story?

ok here are mine...I have only had two and both were story worth...but fair
warning, they are grosssssss
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